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We have delivered an e-commerce system that meets requirements of the most demanding users.

e-commerce for bookstore

Internet BookStore

e-commerce solution

Kitchen Accesories Store

EuroSTORE allows to manage sales related activities quickly and efficiently. It also offers a complete set of marketing tools to ensure the sales growth. Due to its flexibility it can be simply adjusted to the very particular needs of each Client.  The administration panel is available online so no other e-commerce software needs to be installed.

Give up opensource solutions!

If you consider opensource solutions - be sure that you won't get proffessional support when questions or problems appear. You also can't expect the opensource to be flexible and easy to develop. Opensource is always a compromise... If you don't want to struggle with your e-commerce platform, we recommend to think over your sales strategy and build a dedicated eStore, that would support and enhance the trade.

Pay once - sell forever

We offer you the possibility of becoming a real owner of your eStore! Once you pay for its construction, you can forget about paying a monthly commission - no other costs will follow exploitation of your EuroSTORE. Administration of you eStore including adding products, new categories, descriptions is a quick and simple process, that you can manage everywhere you are.


EuroSTORE offers you a complete set of tools to manage discounts, promotions and sell outs. Your store can be integrated with Facebook or an auction system (Allegro) - one click allows you to sell product via different channels and media.

Following user trends

Each eStore we deliver is unique in its graphical design and user-friendly. We pay a lot of attention to the results of eye tracking experiments while constructing a store. This ensures the proper positioning of products and influences the marketing communication.

SEO friendly stores

At the stage of eStore development we provide a complete optimization of the site in terms of coding and key words. E-stores we deliver usually don't require much further investments on positioning, since they are very easily indexed in the search engines.

Examples of dedicated eCommerce systems