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Our eMarketing offer includes Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Marketing, Digital Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing. We specialize in building effective strategies that are preceded by a detailed analysis of the market and are based on a thorough knowledge of the client as well as his products and services.


One of the processes involved in Search Engine Marketing is optimization - improving the visibility of a website in so callled "natural" or "organic" Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). The higher position of a website in SERPS, the more visitors it attracts and the higher traffic it generates. SEO is a complex internet marketing strategy that starts from the analysis of inquiries sent to the most popular search engines like Google and Yahoo and defining a list of key words. It is followed by many longterm activities including: adjusting of the text content,  editing of the website coding, removing the barriers that prevent search engines from indexing the key words and the content, growing the number of backlinks and inbound links. Effective SEO depends highly on the experience of a webmaster, his knowledge on how search engines work and what people search for. Our team gathers webmasters, PHP and Flash developers and SEO specialists, that is why we can build effective SEO strategies. We created a professional, international SEO background which is composed of several strong SEO directories:


Pay per Click in GOOGLE

Google Adwords  stands for context and location related advertising. In this model of advertising you don't have to pay for displaying an advert, but for the number of visitors that are attracted to your website by clicking the commercial. This form of promotion effects in immediate and visible presence of your website at the top of SERPS. It proves to be especially usefull in case of websites that have been recently created, before the results of SEO become noticable. It is also very popular for seasonal promotion of products and activities offered by the website or e-shop. If you decide to entrust us with management of your Google Adwords account you can expect professional aproach and high return on investment.

Facebook Marketing

We trust in social media marketing more than anyone else. Recently we have focused on Facebook - managing corporate profiles on the platform and delivering applications on Facebook. By means of original contests or games we are able to attract fans to your FB page. Recently the most popular among our products are Facebook microsites - Flash or HTML websites that work within Facebook framework. These sites can be based on our content management system - EuroCMS, so that you can administer your Facebook microsite yourself!