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EuroCMS - Content Management System

Since 2005 we have been developing and constantly improving our own tool for managing websites. EuroCMS stands for Content Management System and serves as a complete administration platform, offering quick access to the content of your website. It allows you to grow and adjust the site to your present business goals. Due to EuroCMS you can easily add news, photos, videos and attachments to your website, without having any webmastering competences. Our content management system uses  WYSIWYG editor, which has interface similar to MS Word and offers similar options of text edition.

Save your time, cut your expenses

EuroCMS allows you to modify your site whenever you think of it. You no longer need to outsource website administration! Furthermore - you can optimize the website yourself. Our CMS anables to introduce keywords and connect them to a particular subsite. This make positioning process more effectiive and cheaper.

Basic functions of EuroCMS:

EuroCMS stand for dedicated systems, that are adjusted to the requirements of a particular website. 

  • user authorization
    you can grant an access to your CMS to many users
    you can define what divisions of the website they are able to update and modify 
  • managing the subsites
    you can add/remove subsites
    you can publish/hide subsites
    you can edit the names of subsites
    you can define the order of subsites
    you can manage your metatags
  • text module
    adding/removing/editing text content
    uploading/removing/scaling photos and pictures
    adding attachements
    building and editing data tables
  • news module
    publishing information due to the date order 
  • photo gallery
    upload of many files from your PC to the ftp server
    adjusting of photos size
    defining photos order in the gallery  
  • multimedia
    integration with youtube canal
    implementation of a videoplayer and codecs for decoding a particular video files
  • newsletter/mailing
  • blog
  • forum

Try it and buy it

We created a website dedicated to EuroCMS. It contains manuals and helpful tips on how to use it. You can also log into our   demode demoCMS (login:demo ; password:demo) and try to make some updates on our    DEMOsite.