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Social media has become an important element of internet marketing. The term relates to the process of enhancing mutual, permanent  communication between organizations, communities and individuals. Social media includes blogging (Twitter), content sharing (Youtube), social networking (Facebook, Google+) and virtual gaming. Via these media it is possible to address the consumers, engage them into an interactive dialogue and shape their attitudes towards certaing brands and services.

Facebook marketing

Facebook stands for over 700 millions of users all over the world and nearly 29 million i United Kingdom. Facebook impact comes from multidirectional, intense communication between the users and high speed informaction process observed in the network. Facebook success depends on our curiosity and drive to be in the center of social life. Business presence within Facebook network also seems to be profitable and the income is measured in the number of fan or likes.

Your business on Facebook

Facebook is a great way to promote your products or services and increase their sales. We have delivered  several applications that enabled our clients to become recognizable among Facebook community and build popular fanpages. We administerthe business accounts and manage CPC capaigns on the platform.

FAcebook Microsite

Recently we have introduced a new Facebook product - Facebook microsite. The microsite are websites using standard technologies (XHTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script, Flash) that are displayed in the framework of Facebook. In contrary to static FBML, which makes a simple Welcome Page, microsites can present more information in a more structured manner. They can consist of many subpages, allowing to present your product catalogue or portfolio. See   Eurohost Microsite.

Facebook offer includes:

  • setting a business account / avatar design, filling the content, welcome page design
  • Facebook microsite / design and development
  • Application "Discounts"
  • Application "Invite Friends"
  • Facebook account managing
  • Cost per Click campaigns for Facebook
  • Dedicated Facebook applications for contests
  • E-stores for Facebook

Ask us to advise you on Facebook activities and make a free research of your target group!