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IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing

Outsourcing stands for services addressed to those clients who decide to entrust the management of their it systems and equipment to the professionals from outside of their company. Eurohost IT Department consists of qualified and experienced IT engineers that are at client's disposal everytime thay are needed.

IT infrastructure Under control

Due to our multiple competencies and frequent professional trainings we are able to provide full and complex support in the following areas:

  • IT systems architecture and management
  • hardware and software consulting/purchase
  • work station administration and maintainance
  • hosting
  • collocation and data secutity
  • Intranet services and workflow management
  • server virtualization


Sherepoint Intranet

We developed a separate brand known as Sharepoint24 dedicated to Microsoft Sharepoint Services. This unit is devoted to implement intranet solutions to business clients. Sharepoint Intranet increases the productivity of team work and project management. It offers online access to your company data and documents wherever you are and it allows your employees to transfer data, tasks and opinions between each other.

Sharepoint Foundation 2010

This is an application that offers the possibility to create dedicated intranet solutions for your company. It allows to build documents libraries within safe websites and share information with all membeers of your team. It helps to manage information in your company and to improves decision-making.