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Healthy footpath

We have been entrusted with several projects for pharmacy and medicine. One of the tasks was to create an informative service on blood pressure which would include an e-commerce tools for promotion and sales of pressure-gauge MD701. The website allows to interpret the results of blood pressure measuring, includes plenty of tips concerning diet and healthy life style. While ou...


Internet bookstore

We have just completed another e-commerce project. This time we developed dedicated e-commerce solutions for internet book business. We created an advanced e-store and integrated it with e-payments. Additionally we designed a site for Allegro auctions and set up Facebook profile with welcome page. Apart from the bookstore the site has got its own blog and forum. This is to attract soc...


Hill and Knowlton

In cooperation with   Hill and Knowlton we created image of their new campaign - Priceless Gift. The main goal of this educational campaign is to educate future parents about medical appliance of cord blood cells. The campaign will last for six months and it will incl...


Facebook Application

We have developed another application for Facebook platform. Secret Message i s an application for sending coded messages to other Facebook users. The key to decode the info lies in the activity of your friends, who can help you to dislose several parts of the message. The speed of decoding depends on the number and eng...


Greetings meant to be remembered

Every year for the occasion of Christmas we design unique greeting cards for our clients. Each concept combines the company characteristis or identity with well known christmas symbols. The goal of these occassional designs is to make professional relations more personal, and to become remembered by the business partners. See postcards' gallery. ...

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