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No Flash please...

Flash technology is recognized by most of users as the synonym of animation, multimedia shows and online games. Unfortunately since many years there is a false belief that Flash is the only way to guarantee smooth animation and motion effects on the website.

Flash technology disadvantages

Flash technology has got certain limitations that make Flash not always the best solution for your web. You need to remember, that some users don't have soft required to display Flash effects, or just didn't upload the updates. Flash is also unavailable via Iphone and other cell phones. Flash technology may be a problematic issue also for SEO since it is harder for search engines to index the texts included in a Flash website.

Flash effects produced in Ajax technology

In our Interactive Agency we always carefully consider whether to use Flash on the website.  Some of the dynamic effects we are able to obtain by apllying Ajax technology, which can be easily adjusted to SEO requirements. Next to this article find the examples of several websites that are using Ajax instead of Flash for animation.