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Website redesign

Webdesign trends change and evolve as quickly as seasons pass... More experienced internet users can estimate the date of site construction judging only by the graphic design. The webs that clearly stick out from the standards of modern services become less effective in attracting new clients.


By means of redesigning of websites we understand creating a completely new layout to your web service that can have new structure of information but the same functionality. The new site requires also new CSS code. If your website is admnistered by CMS (Content Management System) it doesn't require a new one. We just need to integrate new code with the already existing administration panel. Due to the possibility to use the existing CMS, the costs of redesigning are much lower than the costs of building completely new site.


Restaurant Figa z Makiem is our loyal client for SEO and SEM services. A few years ago we constructed the restaurant's first website. Recently we decided to redesign the old website to make it more modern and spacy.   Check how it has changed!