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Our experience in designing for Internet dates back from 2005. We operate all popular and common technologies, keep up with modern webdesign trends and stick to usablity rules.

EuroCMS - Web Content Management System

The most popular among our products are self delivered tools for managing websites and e-shops. These systems were created to enable full administration of website, by means of a user-friendly editors. The content management system is adopted to the individual requirements of the client and his website. You no longer need any webmaster skills to modify and develop your site!

WEBSITES you can afford

We focus on building dedicated websites that require unique modules and technologies but we also offer more standard and cheaper solutions. For the purpose of small and beginning eneterprisers we introduced the offer of "Cheap Websites" that are using the most popular CMS modules and are based on the most typical trends in web architecture. Cheap Websites with CMS offer you the possibility to choose the web structure and have the graphic design adopted to your individual expectations.

Your Facebook Microsite

We specialize in managing companies image within social networks. We administer corporate profiles on Facebook platform focusing on frequent updates and attractive graphic design. We also develop applications and games for Facebook platform addressed to different target groups. Our most recent products are microsites for Facebook - these are websites that are being dispalyed within Facebook framework. The biggest advantage of Facebook microsite is that it is always in the heart of Facebook community, generating more views and attracting more visitors. Visit   Eurohost microsite